Admission Process
  • 1. Registration for Admission starts as on 1st February every year.
  • 2. Registration and Admission forms along with the prospectus are available at the School Office.
  • 3. The minimum age for admission to L.K.G. class is 4 years and U.K.G. class is 5 years on 31st March of the year of admission.
  • 4. The issue of the Registration form does not guarantee admission. Students seeking admission to classes other than L.K.G & U.K.G will have to bring the following documents.
  • School Leaving Certificate from the school last attended
  • Detailed marks sheet of the examination passed
  • Character Certificate.
  • 5. They will also have to appear for an Entrance Test. Eligibility for admission will depend on the performance of the child in the Entrance Test.
  • 6. Students seeking admission to L.K.G & U.K.G must bring the original Municipal Birth Certificate or an Affidavit attested by a Class I Magistrate.
  • 7. If a child is found eligible for admission, parents/guardians must deposit the prescribed dues and other funds before the notified date.
  • 8. The Parents/guardians must fill Indemnity bond at the time of admission of their ward.
  • 9. If Parent/ Guardian decides not to send his ward to the school after the fees have been
    deposited, the amount paid will not be refunded in any case.
  • 10. In all matters related to the admission, the decision of the Principal is final.
Rules & Regulations
  • 1. Students must attend school regularly. They must be in the school at least ten minutes before the Morning Assembly.
  • 2. Every student should note down the instructions given by the teacher regarding his/her homework in a diary which must be brought to the School daily.
  • 3. No student is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the written permission of the Principal/Director.
  • 4. A Student who comes to school with his/her escort should not leave the school premises before the escort comes. In case of delay in his coming, he/she should contact the School Office.
  • 5. All students must take care to keep the premises clean and protect the school property. They should neither write on the walls nor carve on the woodwork. Any damage caused to the property must be repaired or paid for by the concerned student (s).

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